The fundamental conviction underlying the work of Cornhill Scotland is that when the Bible is taught God speaks: His voice is heard clearly today.

The Cornhill Training Course was started in London in 1991 by David Jackman. Cornhill is one of the ministries of the Proclamation Trust which arose out of the expository preaching ministry of Dick Lucas, Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate, in the City of London, from 1961 to 1998. Scotland’s Cornhill Training Course, based in Central Glasgow, was established in 2006.

Our primary aim is to train men to preach. The course is designed to equip Christians to:

  • Understand the Bible accurately
  • Teach the Bible effectively
  • Apply the Bible appropriately.

Alongside this, we train men and women to teach the Bible in other contexts such as youth and children’s work and women’s ministries.

Cornhill is an integrated course that endeavours not just to impart information but to fashion and shape Christian people to be servants of the word of Christ. Our teaching is interactive and practical, with group work, questions and discussion. All training is in partnership with a local church. We aim to serve the church by training the preachers and Bible teachers of the future.

A further aim is to provide a fellowship of like-minded evangelicals across the denominations for encouragement in an exacting work.

We do this through our full-time training courses:

Occasional conferences:

We are unashamed to follow the whole truth of Biblical Christianity, and are committed to the paths of historic Christian orthodoxy and evangelical doctrine.

We are unashamed to re-call ministers to the work of Biblical preaching and teaching, believing that this alone will equip the saints for the work of ministry.

We are unashamed to witness to the sufficiency of Scripture and the power of the Gospel as the only hope for genuine Christian unity.

Cornhill Staff

Cornhill is run by a team of experienced staff, some of whom work full time at Cornhill while others who are in full-time ministry come in regularly to teach students.

Edward Lobb; Co-Director of Training

Edward is there Director of Training and Course Director of the Cornhill Training Course. Edward was in full-time ministry since 1976, he served a number of parishes, most recently St Peter's Stapenhill at Burton-on-Trent. Edward has been with Cornhill Scotland since it started in 2005.

Jon Gemmell; Co-Director of Training

Jon has been a missionary in Lebanon, a theological student at Aberdeen University and part of the first intake of Cornhill Scotland. Having finished Cornhill, he was the Assistant Minister at Plains Evangelical Church near Airdrie, and then the first pastor of Bruntsfield Evangelical Church in Edinburgh. For five years Jon was the Director for Conferences and Resources at The Proclamation Trust in London. In 2021, Jon returned to Scotland to join the team at Cornhill in Glasgow.

Andy Gemmill; Director of the Pastors’ Training Course

Andy left a career in Respiratory Medicine to join the staff of St Helen’s Bishopsgate working with Dick Lucas. He went on to be Assistant Pastor at Spicer Street Church in St Albans, and then was for 12 years Senior Pastor of Beeston Evangelical Free Church in Nottingham. He joined the Cornhill staff as Co-director of the Cornhill Training Course (Scotland) in 2011. He is also Director of the Pastors’ Training Course (PTC).

Charles Alford; Director of Operations

Charles joined the Cornhill Staff in January 2015. He studied Biochemistry and then worked as a Research Assistant at Aberdeen University. He went on to study Divinity before embarking on a career in Education. He taught at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen and for the past 12 years in Zambia, at Chengelo School, where he was the Headteacher.

Ann McMahan; Course Administrator

Ann commutes to Glasgow three days a week to run the Cornhill office. She lives in Cumnock in Ayrshire where her husband Ross is a minister.   Along with Edward Lobb, Ann is the longest serving member of staff – she has worked at Cornhill since 2005.

William Philip; Chairman of Trustees, Cornhill Scotland

William Philip is minister at The Tron Church in Glasgow City Centre where he is committed to Biblical expository preaching and training. Formerly he spent 5 years directing the ministry of the Proclamation Trust in London. He regularly teaches parts of the Cornhill Training Course.

Graeme Williamson; Cornhill Treasurer

Graeme worked for Standard Life in Edinburgh. He took early retirement and completed Cornhill in 2010 and subsequently took on the Treasurers role – much of his work is done remotely but he pops through to Glasgow on a regular basis. He is on the leadership team of Edinburgh North Church.

Agnes Brough; Ministry Worker for Women and Children at the Tron Church

Agnes heads up the Women’s Stream on the Scottish Cornhill Training Course. Agnes has been on the staff of the Tron Church since 2003 where she leads the ministry of Women and Children’s work.

Guest Speakers

We regularly welcome guest lecturers from different churches, both to teach Bible books and to provide expertise on specialist aspects of ministry.  We are also fortunate to have occasional visitors from further afield, including Dale Ralph Davis, David Cook (Sydney), Dick Lucas, David Jackman and others.


Dick Lucas

Rector Emeritus of St Helen’s, Bishopsgate and founder of The Proclamation Trust

The London Cornhill started as a hopeful, but enthusiastic, experiment. After a dozen or so years under David Jackman’s fine leadership, with more people applying each year than can be accommodated, any doubts as to its usefulness have disappeared.

The pattern of a year’s serious study of Scripture, specially designed with those in mind who hope to have a preaching, or teaching, ministry, plus a church placement where oversight and help can be received locally, as well as opportunities taken for ministry and practical service, has proved a ‘winner’.

It seems that in days when young converts often have little Bible background this course meets a real need. It is also clear that in the sometimes hostile, often unhelpful, atmosphere of academic theology, this preparation is invaluable and stabilizing for ordinands. Further, it is evident that Cornhill is a significant opportunity for those who come to discover whether or not ‘word ministry’ is for them.

So I could go on. It will be clear that I am an enthusiast for this type of training. May this great venture surpass all that has been achieved so far.

Dr D A Carson

Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

Those of us who have closely watched the ways in which the Cornhill course in England has helped many people understand their Bibles better, and learn, too, better ways of teaching them, cannot help but rejoice over the inauguration of The Cornhill Training Course in Scotland.

In a time of considerable spiritual dearth and remarkable biblical illiteracy, we should be grateful to God for every instrument that God raises up to combat these discouraging and evil trends. Moreover, the choice of Edward Lobb as Scottish Cornhill's first Director is already ample evidence of God's blessing on the endeavour.

I have had the privilege of watching Mr Lobb in several settings, but above all in his responsibilities as minister in charge in St Peter's, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent. That is the church my wife and I almost invariably attend when we are visiting her family in the Midlands — and never have we come away unfed. Edward Lobb has a remarkable ability to get across what Scripture says straightforwardly, simply (without descending to the simplistic), attractively — and his personal gifts of friendship strike me as no less honed.

I earnestly hope and pray that Christian leaders in Scotland will quickly recognize the gospel potential of Cornhill Scotland, and lend it their support.


David Jackman

President, The Proclamation Trust

Learning to handle the Bible with faithfulness and accuracy and to communicate it to others with clarity and relevance is the heart of the vision for the Cornhill Training Course in Scotland. It offers a year's investment towards a lifetime's ministry, in developing practical skills tied in to front line experience in local churches. The agenda is specific and focused. The goal is to see God raise up a new gospel work-force, equipped to preach and teach his unchanging Word throughout the land.

Its location in Glasgow is strategic for its accessibility, not only from Scotland, but also from Ireland and northern England. Its duration for one academic year makes it feasible for people at different stages and from varying backgrounds to enrol for this excellent foundation training. It is especially valuable for young people who are seeking to discern God's will for their long-term future, with gospel ministry very much in view.

I am delighted that the course is full-time and under the expert leadership of Edward Lobb. I warmly commend it to the churches as a valuable new opportunity to deepen and strengthen Biblical ministry, both in Scotland and further afield.


Tim Keller

Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York

I'm delighted to endorse the new Cornhill Training Course in Scotland. As crucial and irreplaceable as theological training is, it does not usually prepare us well for the actual practice of preaching, teaching, and pastoring. The Cornhill training, however, bridges the gap between school and our work. It develops skill in the core function of gospel ministry—understanding and clearly communicating God's Word to people.

There's no better place location for such a ministry in Scotland than the very heart of its largest city, Glasgow. Having worked with Willie Philip over the years, I know that (as chairman) he's the one to oversee this enterprise.

Alistair Begg

Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio

If I could begin my pastoral ministry all over again, I would sign up for the Cornhill Training Course — especially now that it is offered in my own city, Glasgow. Having benefited at a distance from its instruction, I cannot commend it highly enough.

Who knows but that this course will serve to see the fulfillment of Glasgow's ancient motto:

"Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of Your Word..."

And not only this city, but the cities of the world!