September 2014 Update

A new Cornhill year is just about to get under way, so I wanted to keep you all abreast of developments, for your information and your prayers


It looks as though we will have under our wings twenty- four students for the Cornhill Training Course and eleven students for the Pastors’ Training Course. At Cornhill, there will be eleven students returning for their second year (nine men and two women), and thirteen arriving as beginners (ten men and three women). The new students seem to be a fine bunch, showing both ability and a hunger to learn, so we await their arrival with a good sense of expectancy.

In the Pastors’ Training Course, six new students are expected.


The refurbishment of our enlarged premises in Bath Street is going forward apace, and we are hoping to be able to move into our shining new quarters early in the New Year. In the interim period, we are renting temporary accommodation at a building called Regent House, which is less that a hundred yards from our home in Bath Street - just around the corner in Renfield Street. Please pray that our temporary home will prove to be thoroughly satisfactory.


Susan Constable is handling all our administration while Ann McMahan is on maternity leave. She is rising to the challenge admirably, but please pray for her as she has many extra things to sort out at this time of change to new premises.

We are much looking forward to the arrival of Charles Alford in January to be our “Director of Operations”. We have felt the need for some time to have an experienced person to oversee the administration and promotion of our training courses, to develop our network, recruit more students and strengthen our financial position. Charles is in his mid- forties and has been in Zambia for the past twelve years where he has been the headmaster of a large Christian school.

Rupert-Hunt-Taylor is also joining us as a part-time tutor. Rupert is an Associate Minister at the Tron Church in Glasgow and has taken our Cornhill Training Course and Pastors’ Training Course over the last five years so he knows the system from the other side of the desk! We’re delighted to have him on board. One reason why we are bringing Rupert on to our staff now is to help prepare us for Bob Fyall’s retirement at the end of this coming academic year.

Andy Gemmill, Bob Fyall and are all well and in good heart. We regard it as a great privilege to be able to do this work with the help of the Lord. And we continue to value your prayers enormously as ever. Thankyou for them!