January 2015 Update

As our spring term gets under way, a few points for your information and (much appreciated) prayers:

At both the Cornhill Training Course and the Pastors’ Training Course we are much encouraged by the attitude and application of our students. Morale seems good both among students and teachers as we get to grips with the agenda of the new term.


As from the beginning of January, Charles Alford has begun his work with us as our Director of Operations. We are delighted to have him with us filling this new role. As this is a new post in our set-up, it will take a little time before the profile of the job becomes clear – but in general, Charles’ brief will be to oversee the administration of Cornhill Scotland, to develop our network of churches, to recruit more students and financial resources and to give our work a higher profile in Scotland; and, in the immediate future, to help us to get into our refurbished premises in Bath Street.

Bob Fyall is due to retire in June (which will leave a big hole!) – but Rupert Hunt-Taylor is now with us as a part-time tutor and is settling in well.

Ann McMahan has now returned to the office after her maternity leave, and Susan Constable, who has been covering for Ann since the Spring of last year is standing down. We are most grateful to them both.


The refurbishment of the shared accommodation for the Tron Church and Cornhill Scotland in Bath Street is making steady progress and we hope to be re-installed in Bath Street some time in March. Please pray that the project will move to completion without too many hiccups. It will be a great strength to our work to have such greatly improved premises. Come and visit us when you can!

Special events:

  • 7th March, Cornhill Scotland will be playing a part in a Training day sponsored by the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership, with Phillip Jensen as our main speaker.
  • 9th May, the Proclamation Trust are organising a Training Day for “occasional preachers”. We will host this in Bath Street and provide speakers from our own team. This will also act as our taster day for potential Cornhill students.
  • From June 16th – 18th our annual Servants of the Word conference takes place: speakers will include Peter Adam from Australia and, we hope, Dick Lucas.

Please keep us regularly in your prayers – we continually stand in need of them for this strategic work of training preachers and pastors for the future.